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2008-05-19 - 12:14 p.m.

...drama over...

Well, Susi's teething incident was relatively painless this time. She didn't sleep well on Friday night and erupted into a huge cry-fest on Saturday, mid-morning. But by the afternoon the pain seemed to have past.

Of course, then the HEAT began. We've discovered that Susi has the same heat tolerance (or lack thereof) as her mother. I did what I could by creating lots of naked baby space in our living room - until biology took over and AHEM we had a lot of wet cloth and then of course THAT was over. And finally we both needed naps so I took her upstairs. Our top floor is "sweltering hot" in the summer (hoping that you midwesterners will forgive my over-dramatic use of this phrase - remember that I haven't lived in the midwest for near 20 years. Although I had significant doses of the stuff in NYC, I've truly forgotten the unbearable feeling of heat and humidity that makes you feel like you are actually living IN an armpit).

Anyway, Susi screamed uncontrollably in the afternoon until I put her directly in front of the fan. And then she stopped IMMEDIATELY. The response was instantaneous. So I put her down to nap on the bed directly in front of the fan. By the time the sun set, she was her lovely, charming self again, swinging in the evening breeze on the back porch (err, in a baby swing, not from a noose). She's back to her 2-hour naps and sleeping a full 10-11 hours per night (except when I try to sleep in and give her to K, who forgets to put her down for a nap. grrr. I really had no idea that K couldn't tell time when I met him. I remain Keeper of Susi's Schedule. But I shouldn't complain, because K does do a lot. But I want to complain, so I just did. There, now that's over with.)

So now it is Victoria again (Hail to the Dead Queen) and we are enjoying a lovely cool rainy Funcouver day. K fixed me a lovely egg breakfast, and Susi is asleep in the hammock (swinging being a large part of her life), and we are now both at our respective computers. I should probably shower and make this a real day... eh, overrated, but okay.

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