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2008-06-12 - 9:00 a.m.

...back in Funcouver....

We're back from St. Louis! We came back on Monday evening - the flight from Chicago to Funcouver was delayed by two hours, but even in spite of that, little Susi was amazing. She didn't cry at all on either leg. (Mom whimpered a little, though...). We sat next to some truly kind people, an amazingly peaceful woman on the short flight between StL and Chicago who looked almost exactly like Jon1 M1tchell to me... But it was a good experience. Because in spite of the occasional "OH NO there's a baby near me!!" look, people were incredibly helpful.

I am readjusting to my Funcouver life, which is a little bit difficult for a couple of reasons. For one, I am trying to get Susi (and her father) back into rhythm - it is exhausting me. Also, I feel like I have meetings out the wazoo at work, and I may just have to cancel some of them, because, after all, I'm on maternity leave. I'm beginning to resent the time that they are taking. Of course they are all meetings that will only be held now, and then none until September.... and I will hold to that, because I am refusing anymore meetings after the one on June 20th.

Biggest Susi news: this week she figured out how a rattle works. It was a great accomplishment to development just before the 4-hour flight to Funcouver, because she spent two hours of the flight just lying in the seat next to me and enjoying the fact that she can make things move and make noise with her own hands. Other big news is progress in sleepsville. About half the time now, I can just put her down in her cot, and she will coerce herself to sleep in under ten minutes. We are still having negotiations about the remaining times, and we are making exceptions for days like yesterday when she had her second set of injections, poor thing. I don't feel bad about spoiling the girl on those days - I think I held her all afternoon (which was an amazing comfort to me as well).

So now I'm late for my day as K is still upstairs asleep in bed - no one to relieve me to get ready for work. Sigh - as I said, we still need to work on some rhythms...

More later, when I am feeling less stressed about my return to normal life.

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