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2008-06-24 - 3:25 p.m.

...the lens through which we view life...

I feel much better now that I've turned in my ideas to the committee, and received positive feedback from members of my own department. I wasn't crazy. I was just a little overwhelmed by discourse and a little weanie guy on the committee who grates on my nerves. But I'm back now.

And I'm at a coffee shop, working. Well, now I'm at a coffee shop writing a blog entry and downing another decaf.

The title of this entry is rather philosophical, but has nothing to do with the discussion above. My friend Joe and I used to go through life viewing it through the lens of music - specifically, the music industry. Even more specifically, what would make a good band name???

- Hatful of Joe
- Fishnet Monocle
- Pulverizing Robbie (inspired by a talk I once attended where a certain, famous geochemist had his ideas shredded and various new orifices added to his being)
- Concrete Barrier Machine (inspired by the Tappan Zee Bridge)
- Dead Plankton (inspired by my thesis)
- Pusillanimous (because I like the word)
- Pusillanimous Gorillas (because Joe thought it should modify something)
- Saving Dead Mollusks (inspired by an experience that would require an entire blog entry to explain).

It made me and Joe extremely happy to go through life this way. We'd be out running errands together and something would happen. For example, we might be buying tiles for his studio...and we'd happen across a strange smelling guy with a hairy nose (hair on the outside) selling wares at Tiletown Carpet City. So I'd suggest,

Karen: "HEY. Hairy-Nose Carpet Guy. There's a band name for you."

Joe: "Nah. Too disgusting."

Karen: "you're probably right."

I miss those days. I'll always associate Life as a Band Name with Joe. and the 90s.

These days I view my experiences through the lens of blog entries. I'll be watering my plants. Watching Susi roll over. Thinking about who rocks my world these days. Or be dealing with a particularly ridiculous element of Canadian bureaucracy...and I'll think:

Blog Entry.

K and I will be out buying a carseat for Susi (which we did this weekend). K will have just finished cursing all consumer baby product stores, and sworn to high heaven about ludicrous instruction manuals on the carseat installation process. We'll be changing Susi's diaper in the grass outside the store, right on Marine Drive. The cars are whooshing by. Three other poor fools come out of the store and are trying to install these damn things in the afternoon heat. Cursing ensues. K and I look at each other.

Blog entry.

Too bad there are not enough hours in the day to get them all down.

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