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2008-06-29 - 3:05 p.m.

...I hate heat...

Okay, so, shortly after I posted my last entry we went online to check the wait time at the US/Canadian border..THREE HOURS going south, ONE HOUR coming north. Uh Huh.

We immediately ditched the idea of sitting four hours in a hot car, canceled our plans, and took the skytrain downtown to sit under a tree on the grass by the water in Coal Harbour. It was gorgeous. It was COOL. We were HAPPY.

But a trip to the border remains imminent, because K discovered that he FORGOT to return his I94 card to the US border dudes last October. We'll see what happens NOW. Do you ever wonder if someone just MIGHT have a subconscious DESIRE to piss off the US border dudes?? hmmm. I know. (Actually the original plan was to return the card when we picked up my mother from the airport in January. But around January, K actually began forgetting EVERYTHING - you might think his mind was somehow pre-occupied by other forthcoming events. Just maybe.) So we'll see what happens now. He's printed out as many records as he possibly can to prove that he actually LIVES in Canada and was not illegally remaining in the land to the south.

Alas, Spain won today. And alas, if you watched the game, you know that they deserved to win. Through the whole first 20 minutes of the game, I watched, wondering if there were actually any German players on the field. They were definitely not at their best, and Spain was better (in my humble, inexperienced non-soccer-fanatic opinion). In the meantime, there are Spanish flags and honking cars - much excitement on this broiling hot Sunday.

It's broiling hot. At least for me, although oh my goodness, have I ever become a complete heat wuss. I mean, I used to walk in 95-degree-heat on concrete and asphalt to and from the Clayt0n pool every day during the summer when I was a kid. I lived in St. Louis heat. Now just give me a couple of days of 30-deg heat and I'm a wilted vegetable. My head aches, my tummy's tumultuous, I have no appetite, I'm dizzy when I stand up, and I'm extremely tired.


Susi inherited my (lack of) heat tolerance. She has been a bit whiny all day (either because of heat or because she's sad that Deutschland lost...). So I stripped her down to her diaper, set up a little cage on the bed upstairs where she can sleep safely without rolling off, but with maximum airflow from the fan.

The bed is becoming a favorite place to play, especially when I'm really tired. I had the greatest time with her last Friday, and then again yesterday. She's started doing one of my favorite baby things: reaching up and grabbing her feet over her head. So Friday, I lay in the bed next to her, and just mimicked everything that she did. I put myself in dying cockroach position and grabbed my feet, too, and blew fake bubbles out of my mouth. She looked over at me, at first rather startled. And then thrilled - we were doing the same thing, and it was somehow very cool.. for both of us.

p.s. hope you all loved that little alliterative 'tummy's tumultuous' phrase up there. it made me chuckle to type it.

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