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2008-07-28 - 1:52 p.m.


We arrived at the River on Thursday evening, and I am enjoying nearly computer-free days. It is sooo lovely. I do not check my email - or if I do, I only read the emails that are from friendly people ;-). You know who you are...:-)

ahh, relaxation. Photos will be posted soon. We spend our mornings enjoying coffee on the side porch. Afternoons we have happy hour on the back porch, watching the ospreys dive for fish while the turkey buzzards play in the updrafts. Evenings, we watch the sunset over the Point. We've enjoyed two storms coming through. K has taken 2-3 outings in the rowboat. I've shared a canoe ride with my stepfather in 2-3 foot waves which was quite exciting. We are eating our way through the fridge, and even excavated the 20-year-old Pavoni espresso machine - that requires that you hand pump the water through the ground coffee.

Animal life abounds. There is a black snake living in the stump between our little camp and the main house. This morning I watched him catch a fish. We've seen lots of frogs, monarch butterflies, a family of ospreys, turkey buzzards, caspian terns, blue herons, meadowlarks, snapping turtles, a family of minks, chipmunks, red squirrels, and even a groundhog. What am I forgetting? Probably a whole host of birds. The air is lovely right now and I am sitting in a corner with windows overlooking the river on all sides of me. The breeze is brilliant.

Susi is growing so fast, and is the perfect picture of a happy child (in spite of the fact that she now belongs in the second category of children - the ones that have fallen on their heads...oops. She just rolled off that corner way too quickly. Happy to report that there was no permanent damage and that her parents are much more prudent about placing her down on beds..).

Anyway, back to my main point - it's amazing to watch her grow and change. She is sooo close to crawling as she creeps all over the floor, and flops herself back and forth. She grabs and holds things and studies them. She is uttering syllables such as "UmmMa." She seems to grasp the idea of cause and effect - most evident when she sits on our laps and makes silly vibrating noises when we bounce her up and down. Yesterday she started drinking out of a cup! Not just drooling liquids down her chin, she actually drank. Repeatedly. Multiple ounces. She was so excited that she couldn't contain her squeals. Everyday, a new thing. Her brain must be reeling with excitement - even more than ours as we observe her learning.

Okay, since the little one has started on her next nap, it's time for me to go downstairs and putter through the camp kitchen, organizing some dinner for us all.

Photos to come soon!!

In the meantime:

Bluey - I got your note, and look forward to chatting when you get the time!

Elgan - Susi was sporting a brown Hatley top this weekend, that looked oh-so-lovely as she flopped around happily on the carpet. Photos to come...

Blighty - I keep telling my parents stories about you and the smalls - including Sam's fifteen minutes of fame.

Harri3t - there is a copy of Harri3t The Spy on the bookshelf! I've never read it, but I'm eyeing it as my next read, once I finish my current Paul Auster book.

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