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2008-08-24 - 4:10 a.m.

..why am I awake???...

How can this possibly be happening? I know, it was the espresso I had with dinner. I haven't had caffeine in ages, and then for some reason I chose to end this lovely evening with Europeans by drinking an espresso and a port. The espresso won.

I woke up almost two hours ago, and noticed that Mizzy was missing. I generally have a good sense for when the girls are okay and when they are in trouble. I knew that Mizzy was in trouble. I remembered hearing a faint 'meow' when I walked up the stairs with Susi in my arms at midnight. I thought, "that sounds a little like Mizzy." I looked around. Nothing. Oh well.

At 2am when the black one hadn't yet arrived at the foot of the bed, my eyes darted open. Where is she??? I opened the back door, turned on the lights, and stood with a flashlight. and heard another faint 'meow.'

Poor Mizzy was up a tree in the garden - Rupert the gigantic black Garfield of a cat had cornered her, and blocked her return to domestic safety. Poor girl. I came down the stairs, retrieved her from the tree, and carried her (with her turtling the whole way) up the stairs. Right past the big black grumpy Rupert beast.

She burst into ecstatic purring, that got even louder when I gave her a midnight snack. When she finished her meal and came upstairs, I tried to coax her onto a corner of the bed. Apparently she'd also had an espresso, because she was out the porch door and back into night action. Sigh. So much for the grateful pussy cat.

A few minutes later, Lyra was up the stairs and hogging the bed with me...while I lay there on my back with my eyes wide open. thinking. about. everything.

So here I am, downstairs on the sofa, continuing to think about everything. I decided that if I was awake, and free of distraction then I might as well get some work done..

and now that I am here? I'm not certain that I can be bothered to expend the energy. I'm feeling rather sleepy, in fact...I just wonder, though - if I don't go back upstairs, will K wake up in the morning for Susi? (he never does..)

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