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2008-09-27 - 8:49 a.m.

...alas, for tooth!...

This morning I woke up and rubbed my fingers over Susi's gums and discovered...something SHARP! By golly, there's a TOOTH in there! It's terribly, terribly exciting. Had to call mom and report it. Isn't it cool that something as little as a tooth could bring such excitement.

I also realized that we've come to the first weakness in the baby clothing hand-me-down strategy. My niece was born in June and was true to size. My daughter was born in January and, at 8 months, is already wearing 9mo and 12-mo clothing. She doesn't look gargantuan. She's just very LONG, and packed up in a cloth diaper that makes her outgrow all of her baby trousers. Baby clothing sizes - surprisingly, even the organic cotton ones that might be thinking of things remotely green - were designed for butts in disposables.

But my point is that the seasons are just all wrong - we have one Christmas fleece suit that fits. I ignore the snowmen and reindeer - and if it still fits by the end of October, I'm going to claim that she is dressed as a Christmas baby for Halloween. It's either that or the Easter Bunny hat that my niece wore for Easter - haven't decided. What does she care? She's a baby. She doesn't eat candy and I'll be damned if I'm gonna parade her around for my jollies.

So anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. Clothing. I have a box full of St. Louis summer dresses to get me through the Funcouver winter months...It's not gonna work. So I'll be headin' on down to Value Village (that would be Goodwill for those of you who are not in the know) today to get some jumpers, pullovers, sweaters, etc that FIT. Haven't decided yet if I'm gonna have the energy to scrape together a baby clothing exchange. I've packed the 0-6mo stuff BACK into my sis-in-law's original boxes and they are stored safely in the attic. But strangely, I can't get rid of them - I cannot get over the sensation that I'll be pulling them out next year for Susi to wear again. As if it were a box of her summer clothing, going into storage for next year. Isn't that weird?

Or just boring. It could just be boring. My brain is so supremely fried.

Susi is currently boppin' on the floor to a very hip version of Bernstein's "I want to be in America" from West Side Story. Just think - she could grow up playing a wind instrument like her mother - and be stuck playing that same West Side Story medley EVERY year in band...or maybe not, depending on the country. I sat with Susi at the piano again this morning. I try to make my way through a very simple Schubert, Mozart, or Beethoven Prelude or Minuet or something - but mostly I like to give her a chance to bang down on the keys and hear the sounds it makes. I stop when El Destructo Baby starts going after the sheet music.

K has just stumbled out of bed and has begun his morning ritual with the little one - that is, he assembles the yellow, orange, and red block tower so that Susi can immediately demolish it. He does it every morning. And the El Destructo Baby promptly demolishes it. She's just going after the little green stick in the middle. She loves the green stick - it's the one toy she doesn't drop. So some primitive urge must drive her to dig it out so that she can carry it around and chew on it for the rest of the day. A security stick.

Oops, now she's standing in crawl position. Again. will she? will she go? ....... nope. back down on the belly banging bits of former wooden tower together. It's better than television.

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