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2008-10-27 - 9:49 a.m. entry that isn't about butter..but it does mention babies....

I'm wondering if I should read anything into the fact that my entry about butter got a record 7-8 replies (!). I think it's cool that we are all fascinated by preformed milk fat...

Given that I am unable to utter a sound over volume setting 0 (acute laryngitis), I've decided to stick it out at home today. This means a pretty full house: grandma and grandpa in the living room; Mama in the office in the spare bed; Nanny and Susi upstairs; and jetlagged Papa arriving home from Europe imminently. It's going to be interesting.

Our fall weather is absolutely stunning today, as it has been for the past few days. As a result we have been trying to get out for walks. Yesterday we took a 2.5-mile walk down to V@lue Vill@ge in search of a replacement mallet for a pounding toy for Susi. The leaves are a brilliant red right now - not quite the colors of New England, but pretty spectacular. And atop the crest of Grandview's hill we had glorious views of downtown and the Mountains and Georgia Strait beyond. Views like this remind me why I don't want to leave this neighborhood.

Turns out that VV is a hoppin' place before Halloween. EVERYONE was there to get cheap costumes. We waded through hordes of costume shoppers and searched valiantly for a wooden mallet, a travel mug, a snowsuit, and a cocktail shaker (items that we ALWAYS look for at garage sales). None to be found. Just a cute little jumper for Susi for 5 bucks. Call me a pooper if you will, but I wasn't planning to put Susi in a Halloween costume. None of us needs the cheap candy, and I don't feel the need to ferry Susi around the neighborhood in the cold.

Susi is a little weed. She's 9 months old and wearing clothing for 12-18-month-old babies. It's pretty astounding. She's all body, too, with short little legs. (By the way, Harri3t, AJ's blue fuzzy snowsuit is hysterical - she reminds me of Smithers from that Simpson's episode when he dresses up as a bear for Mr. Burns... too bad she's almost outgrown it already!).

Her Papa is going to be amazed at how she's changed in a week's time. She's standing up, cruising, forward crawling, clapping her hands, meowing at the cats, and has two new (top) teeth coming in. All in a week. She still has trouble pronouncing the word "recalcitrant" though.

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