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2009-01-03 - 8:55 a.m.

...ikea, pantry moths, and ice....

Yesterday K and I ventured out in the automobile, with all the rest of Funcouver. We went to IKEA - the furniture mecca. We don't want any more SH*T. But IKEA is just fun.

Coffee, cake, and macaroni and cheese in the restaurant. (they provide high chairs, baby food, and a baby food warming service). A quick nurse in the fully equipped family room. A leisurely saunter through the showroom looking for ideas on how to store more SH*T. And then we get TRAPPED in the market hall, picking up useless items left and right. We were pretty good this time. We left with no furniture, no knick knacks. Only storage materials: boxes, jars, and kitchen storage devices.

Because we have a pantry moth problem. ick. We've had it for a while, and each time we think we've handled it, we have another population explosion. Before we left for SF, it was meal worms. ugh. meal worms EVERYWHERE. Not nice. I did half my undergraduate degree in invertebrate zoology, but I still get all squidgy around - ICK - worms in your food. SHUDDER.

We've been throwing out and jarring up everything that isn't thrown out. Last weekend I did a major overhaul of cupboards. And this week? Another HATCH of the flying buggers. I hate them. This morning there was a moth over our BED. This particular adventurous winged creature made it all the way upstairs before WHACK! It met its demise.

So we came home late - in the dark - only to renew the battle with Funcouver streets. You know what I mean. Wads and wads of snow remain. We knew we'd sacrificed our parking spot when we left. And so we faced the prospect of excavating a new one. ugh. We dug one out of a GINORMOUS mound of snow at the bottom of our street, figuring we'll just leave the car there until the spring THAW.

Normally in Funcouver, the Spring thaw would be in, oh, twelve hours. But this morning when I walked down the stairs, I noticed that another freakin' inch of snow had fallen. And now there's another mass of white stuff falling! I am so so so glad for public transportation, and for shops right around the corner.

In the meantime, I would like to use this blog to bellow..."HEY FUNCOUVER!!! SNOW PLOW! EVER HEARD OF THOSE?? YOU ARE HOSTING THE FRIGGIN' ***WINTER**** OLYMPICS IN A YEAR. Y'D THINK YOU'D HAVE AN IDEA ABOUT **SNOW*** AND **ICE***!!!!" sheesh.

Thank you for that teeny tiny little rant. In point of fact, I should mention that Funcouver DOES own appropriate snow removal equipment, but they just don't have the money to use it. As I understand it, their budget for snow removal has already been exhausted for this year.

So anyway, back to looking out the window to watch the snow fall...If nothing else, it is really, really, REALLY beautiful.

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