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2009-06-01 - 1:02 p.m.

...back in funcouver...

Yesterday was our last day of traveling, and today is my last day of vacation. Yesterday my parents drove us from the River up to that huge bustling international airport (Ottawa) to fly back home to Func. The flight was fine - as long as we didn't try to make Susi sleep.

We've been away from home for five weeks. FIVE weeks of K's parents, friends, more friends, more of K's parents, K's brother, my friends, more of my friends (hi blighty!!!), MY parents, and then yet more friends. We visited three countries and slept in eight different beds.

We took planes, trains, and automobiles. We ate LOTS of good food, drank lots of excellent wine, and had a great time reconnecting with everyone. We've been on the CUTTING EDGE of relaxation.

And it is sooo nice to be back and lying on my own bed, with the windows open, in the sun, enjoying the breeze... and cuddling with kitties. I missed our kitties. They missed us, too.

Y'all might not be surprised to learn that our landlords PAINTED while we were away. They replaced and painted the windows in our bedroom. And - AHEM - now they cannot be closed. (and the room reeks of fresh paint).

There is so much to tell about our trip that I don't know where to begin. So I'll start with Susi, and how much she's changed in the last five weeks.


She has eleven teeth.

And she has a new and ever expanding vocabulary, rich with synonyms.

TseeTtee - Kitty, perhaps also tse tse fly?

Baall - Ball, Balloon, or any other round object

Up or Ahp! - Go up, Go down, Look! Stairs!, Turn light on/off, please do it another 20,000 times

Ahppet - open, also closed (as taught to us by blighty and blighty's wallet on a double-decker bus in London as we approached near-meltdown conditions)

Apple - apple, green pepper, peach, yogurt container, or other round edible object

UmmmmmAH? - More? (usually accompanied by pointing finger directed at water, milk, orange juice, coffee, and especially gin-and-tonic )

Da Do! - goodbye (accompanied by double hand wave, initiated 5 minutes after persons's departure. unless directed at truck, helicopter, or airplane)

Mama - mama, oma, grandma, or any other woman

Papa - papa, puppy, or any other man

Dat - That

ba ba - we think this meant "Blighty" at the time...

mmmmmMMMMMMM! - cow, horse, or any other large four-legged animal tat might be CONFUSED with a cow and therefore say MOO

vavavaVAVAVA! - dog - makes a lot more sense when you realize that dogs say "vow vow" in German

And sometimes: wassah - susi german for 'water'

Probably worth it to point out that there is actually an ENTIRE OTHER LANGUAGE that she speaks, pretty much non-stop. But we're just now getting the hang of that language, so it will be a while before we're able to discuss things like, oh, say, Proust.


So that's the scoop for now. I suppose I should slowly get myself prepared for being back in a work schedule (meetings start first thing tomorrow morning!). But wait. I think I'll schedule myself a massage instead. ahhh, what a nice idea.

More soon, perhaps even in pictures.

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