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2009-07-28 - 9:44 a.m.

...the heat continues...

A brief conversion to Fahrenheit here (my usage depends on the radio show I listened last): the temps are supposed to top 100F in Funcouver tomorrow. There is a heat alert in the valley, and K and I are hoping that we are able to keep the house cool for two more days in the absence of A/C.

The nice thing about 100-year-old houses is that the walls were thick and made of stone. The bad thing about such houses is that once they finally DO warm up, they become ovens. Here's hoping we are able to keep the oven temperature down.

Meanwhile, I woke before six am today - thanks to a mewling feline who declared it breakfast time. I wasn't all that disappointed to be awake, though. The air was coolest at this time of the morning, so I puttered around the kitchen and fixed breakfast. Susi, K, and I enjoyed breakfast in the coolish air on the kitchen porch.

Susi's body has erupted with huge, pox-like spots - about 20 of them. She doesn't seem to scratch them too much, but they look horrible. K took her to the doctor yesterday and got a reply that made us glad that we aren't paying any money for the service. Hmm, don't know what those are, but they're not chicken pox, measles, German measles, fifth disease, shingles, or any other major childhood disease. They look pretty bad, though, so here. Take some over-the-counter benadryl. So Susi is being kept out of the sun and as cool as possible with frequent baths.

OK - I should really be going now - I have another high school student working in my lab this week. She is quite sweet and very competent. And also very interesting. Extremely bright, very knowledgeable, and experienced in some respects, and seemingly quite sheltered in other ways that are rather surprising. Anyway, I should be in the lab with her so that she has supervision (and company).

In summer reading: I've just finished reading Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods, The Collectors by David Baldacci, and Elmore Leonard's Up In Honey's Room (a recommendation from my stepfather who loves EL). Now I'm starting Ken's Guide to the Bible which is a refreshing step away from mystery and intrigue, and amusing so far.

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