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2009-09-30 - 10:36 a.m.

....preparing myself to turn a corner into Happyland, where "flour is GLUE" (and MONKEY HATES YOUR FACE!)...

Yesterday was spent composing a detailed account of our horrible experience with a certain bank (See Eye Bee Sea) - the bank we were forced to use if we wanted to benefit from Mountain University's mortgage subsidy program. I finalized the letter yesterday because yesterday was also the day of our first mortgage payment. And even after the intervention of two managers, the payment extracted from my bank account was still incorrect. In fact, we still do not have the final version of our mortgage contract. This feels vaguely like a pathetic comedy, only less interesting.

Today is the day of handing over keys, and learning what our former landlords think is justified to extract from our deposit, given that we did not clean the walls behind the fridge and we did not get the cobwebs out from behind the radiators.. We know already that they would like to take a sum to help pay for the new carpet. Their argument is that we would have had to pay that amount to hire carpet cleaners anyway.. I cannot believe that this is legal. K and I are so tired of arguing with people, though, that they will probably get away with their anal retentiveness, and our favorite OCD painter will go on cluelessly thinking that she is so helpful and wonderful to everyone. Not my problem.

In fact, there is a far better way to view this. I can do laundry whenever and however I want! In a machine that works! And never again will I have to deal with someone who wants to steam clean my carpet in the middle of a rainy Vancouver winter when I am 8 months pregnant and using the stairs to the bathroom three times a night.

Now all I have to do is attack the boxes. The boxes. Sigh. I hate boxes.

In other news, there has been no further word from the couple who accosted us on the road, claiming that K ran into their car. I'm believing more and more that this was an attempted scam, but that calling the police in has deflated their efforts. K went immediately to the insurance company on Monday to get the car measured and photographed, yet we haven't heard word one from these other bozos. It could still be too early. But then again they really could have given up. Why are there such people in the world?

OK OK OK OK. But if I think about all of those things, the unifying theme is that we are almost finished dealing with them. They are almost out of our lives. SO TIME FOR POSITIVE STUFF!

- My parents come back from Scotland today and they fly to visit us next week! Thrilled.

- I have to thank Harri3tspy for her dream describing two fighting raccoons, one of which was wearing a green T-shirt that said "MONKEY HATES YOUR FACE." I'm still cracking up every time I think of that. And I've got an exact picture in my mind of how that T-shirt looks. In fact, I'm hoping that someday there will be a band named "MONKEY HATES YOUR FACE!" so that I can make up lime-green T-shirts with angry raccoons on them. In fact, maybe the Band Name is "Angry Raccoons" and their first album is called "MONKEY HATES YOUR FACE!".

- I love it when I go through life viewing everything as a potential band name and album title.

- There's graffiti on the sidewalk near my house that queries, "Flour is Glue?" Not quite as good as "MONKEY HATES YOUR FACE," but it has me intrigued.

- I'm working on a (west coast) TOTALLY AWESOME proposal to take a boat and a submersible out to some seamounts in the North Pacific Ocean, to look at some deep-sea corals. This would be soo great if it were funded.

- I just finished watching a video of Susi at the apple farm, trying to put the apples BACK on the tree after she picked them. Heart is warm.

- I've joined a choir! A very good choir, in fact. And although right now I mostly feel exhausted by the effort of going there every Wednesday evening, I've also noticed that more and more I am waking up with a song on lips again. There's something really wonderful about that.

p.s. I can tell that MONKEY HATES YOUR FACE! is going to live on WAY past the least in the teranikasphere.

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