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2009-10-22 - 2:48 p.m.

...word of day: curmudgeon...

I've been in a grumpy, I-hate-people mode for the past couple of days. I can always find something to chalk it up to - stress, money stuff, work stuff, hormonal stuff, weather stuff. But safe to say, I've been in one of those moods where it is best that I work in my office with the door closed.

Of course, life goes on in spite of my attitudinal challenges. So I still have to meet with students, go to meetings, and get on buses behind people who annoy me to no end. (Like yesterday? This woman stood in front of a seat without sitting down for the ENTIRE bus ride. Elders asked for the seat and she wouldn't move to make the seat available. And this other guy was so drunk and smelled so awful - I thought he was going to throw up on me. Ugh, I hate people like this.) So I just try to keep my curmudgeonly self to myself, and work through feeling generally annoyed at the world.

Yesterday evening, I decided just to play hooky from choir. I don't think I've ever played hooky from choir in my life. But I was very tired and very cranky, and really wanted to have some quality time with my family (so that I could grump at my husband and daughter actually, the three of us had a good time so it was probably a good decision). But sadly enough, although I love the singing, I'm just not enjoying this particular choir group. Perhaps it is just because I am new. I find that the older choir members are pretty darned clicquey, or otherwise just annoying. The people in charge have a sense of humor that doesn't click with mine. They get together every Wed. at the pub - but so far I haven't been the least bit interested in joining them. There are some very pleasant people, and I am enjoying most of the music. Maybe it just takes time. I've committed to sing with this group until the end of January. I'll give it until then to see if my opinion changes.

K finalized things with Landlord this morning, and wound up surrendering one-third of our deposit money. He came away after the fact feeling cheated although this was his opportunity to try to negotiate things to a price that was reasonable to us. We were cheated, in my opinion. But I don't freakin' care anymore. I gave K a lot of strokes for meeting with Landlord and dealing with all of this unpleasantness on his own. The point is, I don't really care about the final balance. I'm happy that we are extracted from that relationship and that we do not have to deal with them in future. We can focus on more positive things.

Give me a couple of days and I'll think of a few of those. grumble grumble grumble.

Yours from the local curmudgeon.

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