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2009-12-07 - 11:37 a.m.

...what do you remember from when you were 2 years old?....

I was recently inspired by one of Harri3tspy's entries, about an older relative writing a long letter to her son AJ about his experiences as a veteran. The letter itself was beautiful and moving, and the idea of capturing one's family history in letters to your child has enchanted me.

I started to think about my family. I know a fair bit about my mother because she used to love to tell me stories about her childhood, and I loved to listen to them. That's one of the greatest memories of my Grandmother, too. Hearing stories about my mom when I was a little girl. I want Susi to have these wonderful stories, too.

This year, I decided to ask all of Susi's family members to write a short (or long) letter to Susi, describing some part of their history that they want her to know.

It's made both me and K very excited. We are both filled with things that we want to tell her about our own lives, and our parents' lives. (K says the only limit for him is that he doesn't want Susi to know what a 'little a**hole' he was until she is an adult...)

In order to narrow down the list of millions of things that I want to share with Susi, I've asked myself the one question that leads up this post. I have a few memories of that age - mostly isolated mental pictures: of driving to some farm to pick up Shibby, our dog; of buying the ducks for our lake; of seeing the windshield on a pickup truck crack, and cutting my finger on the glass; of the old barn burning down; of our dog Schmidt, who died from a cut on his foot; of putting mounds of butter onto a piece of toast; of sitting on my grandma's balcony and looking at the stars with her; and of getting blamed for cutting my own hair, when it was actually my neighbor Andy who did it.

I can really remember how old I was when any of these things happened. Most of my earliest memories of the farm have been reinforced by the repetition of many years of living there. So I think what I would like to share with Susi is simply one short description of the farm, which is the first place I remember living.

I'd also like to put in one story for the relatives who were most important in my life, but who are no longer here to share them. I'm excited to do this - maybe this present is more for me than for Susi, at least for now.

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