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2010-10-20 - 10:31 a.m.

...and suddenly there was a noise...

wow. I'd even forgotten my login password this time. I wonder if anyone out there will see this. No matter. It's always been intended for me.

A short couple of words. It's autumn. I'm teaching. My wonderful parents are visiting. And what I would love more than anything on this beautiful day is to play hooky from work and go fly a dolphin kite with my daughter.

Speaking of Susi, after three years on the Mountain University waiting list, she captured a 3-day spot in daycare in August. It took her about one-month to fully adjust, and now she absolutely LOVES it. I'm still adjusting to the 40-minute addition to my commute each day. Actually, she's not so thrilled by that either. But she is getting to be such a big kid (almost 3), and is very fun to talk with.

Our latest issue that we are tackling: whining. It feels like I turned around one morning and I suddenly had a whiny child. When and how did that happen? I know. I know. The sound is so amazingly irritating that I will do ANYTHING to stop it, and accidentally wound up encouraging it. Fortunately, Grandma of the Iron Hand has arrived and started applying corrective procedures. Whining is no longer tolerated in the teranika household - let's hope this rule sticks.

My back is still, literally, a major pain. But either I've gotten somewhat better or I've just learned ways of ignoring it, because I'm also working out 4-5 days per week. It requires that I leave the house at 6:15am. But if I don't do that, then I don't do it at all, and starting my day this way gives me a sense of control over my body and health (and back pain) that I (ahem) 'sorely' needed. After two months I've even piddled off a couple pounds, but nothing substantial. But the important thing for me was gaining control - I'm moving, and that gives me the optimism that I'm going to MAKE myself get better, even if it isn't necessarily happening at the pace I want!

I've stopped going to physical therapy, too. My therapist moved back east, and kind of left a void. I tried two other physio places and just didn't like them. Couldn't bring myself to pay money for someone to stand over me and talk to the person lying on the other table about their new bicycle during my treatment. Huh. And the other guy? grumpy and bossy. Who needs that? I'll keep using their preventative measures and start looking again if I have a bad flareup.

A major change took place in my life yesterday - a student of mine has - after two years - been asked to leave the program. It was an extremely stressful day, and I still feel like I'm bobbing up and down in the wake of the stress, just waiting for some calm waters. It was the right decision. Still, I am keeping my door closed for a little while, hoping to contain and reorganize my thoughts.

Anyway, hi y'all, if you are still there. Sorry I've been so scarce - it's been a busy time.

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