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2004-11-04 - 7:50 p.m.

no idea too big or too small...

"The first job of a citizen is to keep your mouth open."
~ GŁnter Grass

First of all, thanks to my diaryland friends who have voiced comradery. I have read your latest entries and notes, and I'm glad to share personal contact with a few of the 55,000,000.

When the shock passes, what shall we do?

My first (comical) thought: I want to create the American Traveller's Kit. Exactly four years ago, my stepfather met with great success in Spain, Italy, and Germany by simply learning the phrase "Bush is an asshole" in these three languages. Barkeeps gave him free beers. Italian women kissed him. He was so thrilled with his success that he started learning the various tenses of the verb "to be" so he could master the following:

"Last year, Bush was..."
"Next year, Bush will still be.."
"In four years time, Bush will have been.."
"If he had been born earlier, Bush would still have been...."

Anyway, you get my point. Now, I think I could get the same point across with slightly more delicate message, sold as the "American Traveler's Survival Kit." This would consist of a black totebag and black polo shirt with the phrase: "Don't blame me, I voted against him" in all languages but English. To be sold on the internet, with all proceeds to be donated to a cause that is surely to be attacked by the administration.

My first thoughts for worthy causes:
Environmental Defense Fund
City Harvest (feeds NY's homeless)
Moveon PAC

or, if the idea really catches on, some international fund to help Iraqis who are victims of this war.

Of course, I would first need to collect the phrase in multiple languages. Any suggestions?

It's a strange thought. And kind of silly. But I've already gotten three shirt orders...

My serious conviction: We are taught as children that our only way to change the system is by voting. We can no longer believe this. I am ready to embrace any good idea that comes my way, but I first need to be kept informed. I remain a member of - a political action committee that sends regular emails informing me of current actions in Washington, DC. I will continue to read and share their releases, so I know when to act.

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