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2004-11-06 - 9:25 p.m.

a lovely afternoon

An interesting day in Teranikaland. I got a telephone call from a dear friend who now lives in Sweden - we chatted for quite a long time. I always enjoy speaking with her because she expresses an empathy with my life that always makes me feel more self-assured. I'm not crazy for thinking or feeling XYZ. So it was a very pleasant call.

Afterwards I decided to take a walk, and after 30 minutes of wandering through suburban streets, I wound up in Queens' Forest Park. It was soo unbelievably soothing to be in a place where you could smell the earthy smell of fallen leaves and feel that golden quality of autumn sunlight. If I ignored the distant buzz of cars on surrounding parkways, I could even hear that wonderful sizzling sound of wind blowing high through the treetops. It felt wonderful to surround myself this way.

I almost had a brief and strange encounter with an unstable man with a knife upon leaving the park. Fortunately, I first came across a man with a German Shepherd, who warned me against my chosen, deserted route. I had seen this man earlier, and from the way he was pacing, his jerky body movements, and shaking his head, it was clear that all was not right with him. Who knows if he were truly dangerous, but it never hurts to be safe. Fortunately, Forest Park is full of people walking their dogs - one is rarely left alone - and so I eluded him.

Upon leaving the park I found a small cafe where I enjoyed a bite to eat and read a bit of the Bonesetter's Daughter. I have just finished the wonderful book _Three Junes_ by Julia Glass. Although Junes did not captivate me at first, I slowly developed an investment in the richly described characters - so much so that it is hard for me to transition to an entirely new book. Fenno became my friend, and I'm not quite ready to give him up. So, I'm not sure I can keep up with the next book just now.

I left the cafe just as they had turned on the LCD projecter of the football (timing is everything) and I continued my ramble down to Austin Street. It was a thoroughly enjoyable jaunt of about four hours, just wandering here and there, in the waning afternoon light and early evening hours. I am glad that I did it and hope that I can do the same tomorrow. Walking on crispy leaves does wonders for one's morale.

Anyway, now it's off to the movie room for a bit of entertainment before going to bed.

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