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2005-01-22 - 10:02 a.m.

snow makes you a big kid.

Today the big blizzard comes. It's projected that by tomorrow morning we will see 60 cm of snow. I am therefore in the process of "hunkering down" (that is, I'm in bed with my laptop and a capuccino and a warm cat between my feet, waiting for my groceries to be delivered.)

Truthfully, I love snow. I don't own a car so I never have to drive in it. I have tons of work to do before Monday, so I don't have to go anywhere. And, if I did have to go to work and public transportation fails, my office is a manageable 50-60-minute walk away. I am certain that before the weekend ends, I will be out tromping around in my boots in a park, listening to the crisp peaceful silence that snow brings. In fact, I should probably go out now, because I'm positive that the air smells of it.

Huge snow storms remind me of snow days when I was a little kid in Illinois. We lived in the middle of nowhere, and when the lake froze and the snow came, it would drift on the ice, along the west bank of the lake - perfect for the sport of snow tunnelling! The four Willey kids - our only playmates for miles - lived across the lake. Devin and Brian would start digging from their side, and my brother and I from ours. We'd meet somewhere in the middle. One year the snow was so think that we were able dig a network of tunnels going north-south AND east-west. It was like a huge snow hamster-trail for little kids. We'd try to get the dogs (both collies) to come through with us. We could usually coax Shibby to do anything.

Then of course when we were so cold we couldn't stand it anymore, we come in and strip off all those layers of wet clothing that made us look like little michelin tire men and then huddle in blankets in front of the fireplace.

I think it's memories like this that make snow days so much fun even as an adult. I don't have to dig a snow tunnel - I just have to remember them.

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