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2006-12-28 - 2:50 p.m.

2006 D-Land Year in Review

This idea was just too cool to pass up. So here is my 2006 diaryland life in review. I just wish I could remember that dream from last March. Phew.


January - Oh dear, I'm back. I flew back to NYC on Monday, and spend Tuesday getting used to the idea (i.e., I stayed home and watched the icy rain fall). After a Christmas holiday of sleeping, I still remain sleep-deprived..Maybe it's a winter thing…..We spent much of the holiday entertaining my niece and her cousin of the same age... I spent a morning coloring pictures with them. They think that I'm a little particular because I insisted on drawing the colors of rainbow in proper refraction order. Note to self: I'm still drawing at about the 6-year-old level. My horses all looked like camels and llamas. My sea otter looked like a beaver.

February - Yesterday K called me to wake me up at about 8:30am. The embassy called. The "Ambassador" has approved the visa, and it should arrive in the mail in the next ten days. …. It's funny because I never imagine all of the things that have to happen in between: his move from Germany, his arrival, the ceremony, the move, etc. My picture of the future skips over these details, straight to the parts where I have my friend with me to share both the fun and mundane - where once again we wake up together, we walk through the City, we take a train on holiday, we run errands, we work on our computers, we clean the flat.

March - I'm awake, I've had my first coffee, my head is still in the mists of a very strange dream involving a sexual encounter with Jon St3wart, a comic book, the strange rodent-like woman who lived across the hall from me in college, and an old steakbone. I have NOOO idea. Maybe there was something in the miso soup last night.

April - The weekend is over, April Fool's Day is passed, and K and I are married. Do I feel any different? Well, occasionally, a little weirded out that a piece of paper should make a difference, but in general, no. For more details about the event see my guest post for coldandgray.

May - Today was the day of the New York Five Boro Bike Tour, a 42-mile tour with streets and bridges closed off to automobile traffic in all five boros. I've just woken up from a 4-hour nap following the exertion, and now K and I are engaged in mutual and simultaneous blogging. Executive Summary: It was thrilling. The best way to see the City of New York. My legs hurt.

June - diatribe report: So far today I can safely report that I have not gone off on a single diatribe. Although I was dangerously close with my brother...I rescued myself. He is, after all, a very good egg. In fact, I'm pretty darned lucky that he's my brother.

July - Happy 4th of July! I'm not a super patriot type, but I've always liked the 4th. When I was a kid, we always used to drive down to the Arch and hobble around in the heat, eating greasy food from the international village and buying ridiculous glow-in-the-dark things for our heads before we settled in the grass for the fireworks, and then waited in line for another hour to get out of the parking garage. I always remember thinking that the 4th of July should be celebrated in cool October in the mid-continent.


I think that women of childbearing age should only consume a limited amount of dreamwhip in their lives, and I've certainly exceeded my limit.

August - Greetings from the middle of Wisconsin. Oh, the many excitements we've covered in the past few days. K successfully flew to Vancouver for a day and moved everything into the flat and returned on a redeye on the same day. The helpful moving company has denied all responsibility for their errors, and have even gone so far as to claim that our move to Canada was not international because, and I quote, "Canada doesn't count."

September - Another week full of activities. Mostly I spent last week engaged in new faculty orientation. I am thoroughly oriented...and fairly exhausted. But the nice feeling is that I've come away feeling like this place really wants its new faculty to be happy and productive.

October - I fly to the yUK this evening and the prospect of sitting in a plane for several hours still fills me with dread. I spent yesterday evening packing - how to pack for England in the Autumn, apart from rain gear? I just threw about everything into a suitcase, including all liquids, gels, and aerosols. Ugh.

November - Obviously, I went through a wee bit of a sense of humor failure yesterday.... I guess occasionally one needs to cry out loud (or in this case through fingers). I think the sense of being overwhelmed comes from viewing your life as if it were a piece of pointilism art - stand too close and your mind gives equal weight to every point, and you lose its sense of beauty. This morning I will try to stand back a bit... I am hoping that this will give me a sense of priority, and allow me to break large overwhelming tasks into manageable chunks. Stop feeling like a cat in a storm of blowing leaves.

December - K and I found doctors. I discovered 100 doctors in the Vancouver area who are accepting patients. 10 in Burnaby. I've looked for a clinic near me, and they all offer a wide range of home detox, meth programs, and needle exchanges. huh. what a target group.

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