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2007-09-18 - 6:27 p.m. must be in the black boots....

It's easy to tell that the semester has begun - I seem to be scheduled with back-to-back meetings. oy. At our faculty meeting yesterday it became clear that I am on SIX department committees. I was a little bit overwhelmed to see that...but, well, we will simply see what the workload for those committees turns out to be. I'm on a couple that are major commitments. It's possible that the other four are more like paper commitments - not a lot of work before I go on leave.

This morning as I was getting ready for work in front of the mirror, K told me that I just keep getting better looking each day. :-) Now, K is, in general, an exceptionally charming person. Anyway it was a nice way to start the day.

I replied that it has made a huge difference in my self perception now that we've purchased some maternity clothing that fits me well, and makes me feel somewhat professional when I have to stand in front of 35 people. And truthfully, I was feeling particularly kickass in my black tights and black leather boots, denim skirt, and just-tight-enough black sweater, polished off with a tiger-eye pendant around my neck.

But K observes that it is not just the clothes - it's that I FEEL better this semester. I feel like things are moving again - I have three work-study students who are making great progress in the lab, and two grad students who are on their way to doing the same. I've revamped my course from last semester and I feel much more on top of things. I feel like a more confident leader, and as though I've stumbled onto some better ideas for getting the students actively engaged in the topics we're covering. I see my colleagues in the hallway now, and I actually feel like I have something pleasant to say, rather than a whole bunch of complaints to gripe about (mind you, I still have those, but they aren't the ONLY things I have...)

The hell of dealing with startup and building issues have not ended, but I have a better handle on (a) where to take the problem to get it solved, and (b) where to take the problem so that it is laughed at appropriately. Whether (a) or (b) is more important undoubtedly depends on the magnitude of the problem.

Pregnancy probably does play a role in this, yes - because I always have my mother there to remind me that stressing myself out doesn't help PAT. Interesting, isn't it? We are not always willing to help ourselves in the way we will help other persons - especially the Unknown Little Person. So I'm doing that yoga thang - gonna keep takin' deep breaths and putting myself in The Happy Place when the plumbers call. (I can just hear it: No I'm sorry, she's in a happy place and can't make it to the phone to talk to the likes of you right now...)

Anyway, I should get going. Mizzy and Lyra have an unanticipated visitor this evening - THE VET. So far it doesn't seem that they know it...

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