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2007-12-01 - 2:48 p.m.


Oh, the lovely wondering white falling stuff is here!!! I woke up at a startlingly late 8:30am and looked out at the first of the white powder. God is it great.

This morning I went down to the medical lab to join my pregnant friend Micha, who failed her first glucose test. She was exceedingly bummed to have to fast 10 hours and go to the lab at 8am to spend 3 hours drinking sugary sh*t and getting blood taken every hour. I told her that I would come down and join her at about 10am and that afterwards we'd go out for breakfast.

Snow on the ground made walking down to the lab a little bit more challenging, but I made it. She finished up the last of her blood pokings, and we left for breakfast up the street where K met us. It was fun to see her - I'm confident that she'll be fine - she's a big woman, but she's been so very conscious of her food intake and she exercises more than anyone I know. I can't believe that the test will be positive.

Oh, it's just so gorgeous out there!!! I want to buy a Christmas tree NOW. I love that it snows in Vancouver (even though everyone told me it wouldn't). Last Thursday I bought an Advents Wreath for K, so that we would have something to start off the 1st advent tomorrow - and today we bought a second one for the front door. And now I want to go out and get a charlie brown christmas tree from the hardware store down the block, and drink a hot buttered rum (figuratively), and cuddle in front of a fire. sigh. I love snow.


ps. My landlady has just emailed us that she still wants to clean the carpet before Christmas. In mid-December. In wet Vancouver. A mere week or so BEFORE they initiate another roof repair that will track mud, tar and plaster all over the very same carpet. With a tenant just shy of 8 months pregnant, who is hauling up and down those soon-to-be-wet-and-slippery carpeted stairs umpteen times per day. This is oh-so practical.

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