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2008-09-20 - 3:04 p.m.

...the weekend report...

Today K came into the kitchen and announced that Autumn has arrived, and that it was as abrupt as turning on a light switch. The windows are closed. The sweaters are on. The black tea is brewing and the lentil soup is stewing. The cats are curled up and sleeping the day away in whatever warm space they can find. All within one day.

I've been whooshing about the kitchen preparing food for Susi and her parents. Have you ever strained peas? Don't. It's a pain in the *. But for some reason, I find all of the domestic activity soothing. I cook, I puree, I freeze. I cook more, I freeze more. It's satisfying to see it progress.

My days on this committee are numbered at last. The public draft of our report is due on Wednesday, and we are already pasting together comments and additions. I was fascinated to note just how much of the text was cut and pasted from my emails and reports to the committee. So far I've had three different committee members thank me personally for being so constructive and supportive. I've gotten similar pats on the back from my department. My mother wisely advises me to get these pats put into writing as 'thank yous' that can go into my tenure file. It doesn't take long for people to forget...

Nevertheless, I have watched my own demeanor change within the department and on this committee. I've gone from feeling very very small to feeling like I have voice that people listen to. That simple change in confidence makes me more likely to volunteer my opinions. Because I am more secure in their value. So what does it mean when you discover that you are good at committee work??? oy.

Well, one thing it means is that I have GOT TO GET WRITING on my research. I am so painfully far behind, it's scary. I wasn't hired to be Committee Woman. I was hired to be a researcher. So I really have to get writing!

But there is so many other little things that need doing! My lectures, my students, my OTHER committees, my webpage - hey, get this. I taught myself enough html code on Wednesday to throw my webpage together, and it doesn't look that bad (if you ask me). Nothing super fancy, but enough to let the folks out there know that I exist. Finally.

..oops and now the little one calls for I go...

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