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2008-10-02 - 12:55 p.m.

..haiku as a form of political expression..

There is a new thread on my co-ed literary fraternity's mailing list involving political haikus as a means of venting frustration at the current political situation. There have been some doozies, and I will post some of my favorites:

I see in Putin's
soul flying over Juneau.
I am qualified.

Painful bank bailouts?
And what do I think, Katie?
I'll get back to ya!

We'll vote for you for
Miss Congeniality
Just not President.

If they win at least
We'll get Tina Fey back on
Saturday night live.

Never cynically
subvert the government by
selecting boobies.

Welcome to the new
Socialist America
of Comrade Paulson.

Time to invade Spain.
Where is it exactly now?
POWs donít have any maps.

Senator McCain:
You were wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong
Now it's time for Change

Nominate dumbsh*ts
The GOP Strategy
It worked well before

Joseph Biden waits.
Thursday's debate with Palin
not for the squeamish.

Please, please, baby, please
turn off CNN. Please, Iím
begging you, no moreÖ


Inside McCain's head back in July:

I want Lieberman.
He is pro-choice. So is Ridge.
Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn.

Romney? Hate Romney.
Pawlenty? Too boring, and
Polls show *I* need change.

Watch swing states down South.
Charlie Crist's in Florida
But he's (GAY GAY GAY)
a confirmed bachelor.

Alaska gov's hot.
She'll get free ride just like me.
Troopergate? What's that?

Mystery remains:
Why did he not pick Jindal?
We dodged a bullet.


and in the interest of fairplay:

Obama's new plan:
Talk to just the middle class
(so much for the poor)

Change change change change change
Change change change hope change change change
Change change change change change

Some were not confined to the haiku format, and so out popped the following lim'rick:

There once was a "Mav'rick" - McCain
He used to go versus the grain
But times they have changed,
His thoughts rearranged,
He now says he won't talk to Spain.

And not all were funny:

Self-indulgent bond-
age to free markets has fin-
ally sapped our strength.

The cost of years of
opportunity is borne
by those who lost it.

Home is now Homeland.
When finally the Father-
land arrives, please leave.

fifty one percent
must want peace and love
Just ask Hamas

A child's simple question
oceans dead, oil burned, society gone
You spent '08 how?

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